From finding fulfilment in life to more passion and purpose; the 21 Day Happiness Challenge continues to change lives across Australia and the world. The program, pioneered by Happiness Co, provides participants with practical tools in self-awareness and growth.

The online program comes complete with homework pillars, live webinars and mentor support. Across the three-week challenge, you will be joined by like-minded people with a similar mission to discover missing elements within. We use a non-clinical approach to unhappiness and believe by gaining an understanding of our thoughts, feelings, mindset and motivations, we can recreate the way we behave. You will identify the triggers responsible for creating pain and pleasure in your life and learn the strategies to overcome them. 

Over 21 days, you will unlock success in the 12 key areas of life. From wealth, relationships, health and self. You will discover ways to increase your motivation and have greater emotional awareness. You’ll discover the art of gratitude and the techniques to combat self-sabotage. 


Week by week, follow the “life by design” program, allowing individuals to dive even deeper into self-awareness and the power of thought.

Discover your true beliefs and the ones limiting you in daily life. Explore the human needs driving you and how they could be holding you back. Learn about the value of being authentic and vulnerable and the power of goal setting.  

With this program, you'll get an accountability buddy and coaching from Julian Pace; complete with homework, live webinars and guidance from mentors. This is a unique program that requires commitment and dedication for a rewarding result.


Our non-clinical approach and programs make us a leader in the space of happiness, unhappiness and mental health, but we know it’s not for everyone. Happiness Co is proud to launch solo sessions with Julian Pace and other mentors upon request. Private coaching is available on a case by case basis and can be the starting point before joining the 21 Day Happiness Challenge and the 10 Week Mentorship.

If private coaching is the perfect option for you


Happiness Co is proud to host life-changing workshops and events which draw both large and intimate crowds. We have travelled around Australia and the world, and we know the power of tackling unhappiness in person. Using a mixture of storytelling and tools, you never leave an event empty-handed or empty-hearted. From gala nights and workshops to keynote speeches and goal setting weekends, we have it all.

Click to see what’s happening and contact us to bring Happiness Co to your state or city.


“I just completed the 21 Day Challenge! What an amazing experience! I have learnt so much and left feeling inspired and ready to continue to make wonderful changes in my life.”

“I have a new-found perspective on life which I plan on holding onto. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough. “

“I’m not sure if I can adequately express how wonderful Happiness Co. is. After seeing the 21 Day Challenge pop up in my newsfeed I figured I didn’t have much to lose by signing up. It turns out it was the best thing I could have done!”

"I just completed the 10 Week Mentorship and it has been literally life changing for me. I've discovered my true beautiful authentic self and I love myself whole heartedly inside and out."

"I joined the 10 Week Mentorship feeling negative, miserable and lonely. All I can say is I am sad it’s over. I learnt how to give myself a bit of a break and care more about my feelings and self-worth."



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